Marigold Jumpstart is your essential companion for launching successful digital advertising campaigns on Meta platforms

With our seasoned experts by your side, we provide step-by-step guidance to ensure your campaigns start smoothly and profitably.

Marigold Jumpstart empowers you with the knowledge and strategies needed to thrive in the world of digital advertising.

Account Setup

  • Ensuring your digital advertising business assets are all connected correctly for optimal use includes but not limited to:
    • Facebook business page
    • Instagram business page
    • Facebook pixel/data management
    • Google ads manager setup
  • Correctly connecting your advertising platforms to your payment systems to ensure seamless ad delivery
  • Assistance and initial training on audience creation
  • Initial population of pages and accounts to ensure content is present for viewers and accounts look active
  • Initial analysis of previous campaigns to glean any components that were successful and identify places for improvement
  • Dashboard creation for real-time data points and results visibility

($10,000 value)


  • Initial marketing audit call to identify key stakeholders for your business and target audiences
  • Optimize your marketing strategy, streamline content and prioritize KPIs
  • Extensive review of any landing pages and funnels to maximize conversion
  • Campaign mapping: creating and visualizing a timeline for campaigns with multiple steps, objectives and desired outcomes
  • Budget planning: determining reasonable baseline costs and identifying potential sales targets
  • Key messaging discussion to ensure content and digital ads are speaking to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.
  • Identifying other opportunities for growth, whether it’s generating leads, making sales, or creating raving fans.
($12,500 value)


  • Conversion tracking setup, troubleshooting and optimization
  • Ensuring all channels are as cleanly attributable as possible
  • Identifying potential “data black holes” or troubleshooting why tracking hasn’t been working
  • Connecting Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel/ datasets, CRMs and any other third party platforms and programs so that all pieces work together seamlessly

($3500 value)


  • An audit of campaigns to improve conversions, costs and ROI
  • Campaign setup for optimal conversions and results
  • Initial testing of suggested campaigns
  • Optimization notes provided as the team monitors tests.
  • 4 calls (typically weekly) to talk through progress, results and for training purposes

Marigold Jumpstart

$10,000 value for a limited time

(Pricing increasing to $15,000 soon. Payment plans available)

If you work with us on a Jumpstart plan and we all determine it is a good fit, we can discuss an ongoing partnership. All of the above services are included in a $5k/month retainer (6 month minimum)

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