We’ll Let The Facebook Ad “Experts” Talk A Good Game

(While We Quietly Manage Campaigns That Deliver 9:1 ROI)

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Our passion is high ROI Facebook ad campaigns.
Designing them, optimizing them, and managing them for serious marketers.


So if you need somebody to take care of Facebook advertising and traffic…And what your virtual assistant or your admin is doing isn’t working out…Put us to work.
We’re not guaranteeing you 9:1 ROI, but we’ve done it before, and we’re ready to do it again.(The fact is, we’ve run campaigns with 10:1 and even 24:1 ROI.)Are Your Social Media Marketing ExpectationsToo High Or Too Low?

When you ask Marigold Marketing® to manage your campaigns,
you get the same thinking, expertise, and commitment
that went into these high ROI successes.

How do we strategize, implement, execute, and optimize campaigns like this?

We know more, we care more, and we fuss with the details.

We avoid flawed assumptions, we draw on our knowledge base, and we stay focused on what matters.

But don’t mistake our talents for complacency.

We’re a learning organization.

Innovation lets us amplify the power of proven marketing principles, so you get better results.

We help you make smart investments so you can generate more leads, create more customers, and do it all more efficiently.

Our tools and proprietary systems are only part of the story.
What actually makes the difference, and allows us to build remarkably strong campaigns, is our ability to see what others can’t.
We identify connections between you and your customers that are typically overlooked and undervalued.
Our analysis often lets us transform the invisible into the visible.

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