Should We Work Together?

We’d love to find out more and see if we’re a good fit.

We’re picky. (But definitely not arrogant.) We work well with businesses who are serious about their growth, willing to make an equally serious investment to attract their ideal prospects, and who have an established business up and running…And a product their fans RAVE about.

Since we commit our best strategies, resources, and talent to those business we choose to take on, we do not accept engagements that last less than six months. We believe in building strong, solid foundations (and campaigns) which can weather any storm.

We don’t tolerate whiners and ball-busters. (And you shouldn’t either.)

We like smart business owners with clear goals. A sense of humor is a plus. So is the ability to answer questions, and help us become A+ students of your business.

If you feel the same, we’ll work well together. Want to find out more about Marigold Marketing®?

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