CASE STUDY Inside The Facebook Advertising Campaign That Returned $9.71 For Each Dollar Invested

Category: Health and Wellness Product: Education/Information Objectives: Maximize sales of a $997 educational product. Generate a scalable stream of qualified leads for less than $4.00 for each email collected. Strategy:Maximize revenue by running Facebook advertising campaigns targeting both warm and cold traffic. Tactics: Drive Traffic to a landing page where the prospect provides their name and email address in exchange for content of value (lead magnet).Results:

  • A total of $13,739 was invested in 31 different campaigns.
  • 4,515 leads were created at a cost of $3.04 per lead, 24% below the initial financial goal.
  • Of the 4,515 leads created, 1,279 registered for a webinar at a cost per registrant of $10.74.
  • Of the 1,279 webinar registrants, 134 invested in the product being marketed.
  • Total sales were $133,598.
  • ROI for the Facebook ad campaign was 971%.

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