About Us

We’re a highly-organized / efficient media buying company that offers our clients FB Ads, Google Ads & SMM services.

We’ve been providing media buying solutions since 2012, so our company is well-established and respected in our niche.

We are a fully remote team of highly proactive “doers”. We are far more concerned with task lists being completed by a fair deadline date, and clients having their questions answered, versus where/what time of day they are completed.

Senior team members dedicate time each week to building & optimizing task checklists.

Maintaining quality control of internal processes & systems, as well as client communication, (two of our highest values) are as streamlined as they can be.

We celebrate wins TOGETHER… and we help one another and pitch in when anyone might be struggling.


(Over-)Communication is at the heart of all we do.

Our clients & team members praise our organization constantly for our proactive communication style.

Communication is how we maintain trust with our clients and other team members, how we can identify issues BEFORE THEY HAPPEN, and ultimately builds the long-term trust that’s needed to build long-term client & team relationships.

With ROCK SOLID trust in place, we help everyone grow more quickly and we earn the right to take risks on new ideas/strategies.

Each team member is assigned clear tasks with realistic (and/or negotiated) deadlines.

However, hitting those negotiated task deadlines is required.

BE AWARE: We welcome good jokes, bad jokes, AWESOMELY bad jokes, and random memes you may find to brighten our teams’ day!

SIDE NOTE ON OUR TEAM: We have a number of UpWork candidates who have become long-term team members, so building ongoing / growth relationships with team members is a high value & priority for us.

There is PLENTY of room for growth & pay increases for team members who are proactive, willing to pitch in where needed, help our clients achieve results, and ultimately help the agency grow so we can help more business owners.

  • Main point of client contact
    • You will communicate with clients efficiently via Slack, phone, email, and text as necessary.
  • Providing frequent and timely updates to clients so they feel informed and cared for.
    • These updates include but are not limited to number of sales, cost per result, number of leads, ad creative and audiences that are performing well, as well as posts and organic content that is resonating with their audience
  • Attending weekly client calls
    • Serve as the thought leader and information central for our clients.
    • Observe and report fantastic results, along with which creative and audience is producing that result.
    • Make recommendations for improvement as needed.
    • Recommend future strategic options based on positive results we’re seeing among other clients in our portfolio
  • Communicating with our internal team with client details as needed from calls
  • Project management
  • New client onboarding assistance
  • Training for role and on individual client accounts will be provided


  • Digital advertising experience
    • Knowledge of Meta and Google ads platforms desired.
    • You should be able to read and report campaign results from these platforms

NOTE: we have a dedicated ads team that builds campaigns from start to finish. But YOU will be the one explaining/communicating/educating the client on HOW campaigns are going and what WE recommend they do next.

  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent communication skills (Knowledge of public relations or PR experience a plus)
  • Meet/Exceed deadlines
  • Excellent time management skills
  • FOLLOW-THROUGH on assigned tasks & requests (without reminders)
  • OVER-COMMUNICATION on project/task status
  • Self-motivated & self-managing (Fully remote team)
  • Positive attitude (“Everything is FIGURE-OUT-ABLE”!)
  • Fast learner with new software/technologies
  • Stay on top of FB Ads updates/changes
  • CAN-DO / CAN-HELP attitude



  • Google Suite
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Zoom
  • Clickfunnels
  • WordPress
  • Keap
  • HighLevel CRM
  • TypeForm / Wufoo
  • SendGrid / Twilio
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • GTM / GA / Google Ads /YouTube Ads
  • FB Ads Manager

This role will begin part-time & will INCLUDE full training/orientation on our team’s systems, so we can both decide if this is a good fit.

Our budget for this position is $15-25/hour (depending on experience) to START… but we will/do reward those who are pro-active & “go-getters” with regular pay increases.

We are very motivated to RETAIN great talent.

We are looking to bring the right freelance candidate onboard long-term (typically 15-30 hours per week).

I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Mari Connor

CEO, Marigold Marketing Group


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