Key Facebook Ad Metrics for Event Managers

Event managers shoulder the immense responsibility of orchestrating flawless events, from dazzling concerts to high-stakes business conferences. We understand the importance of every filled seat and every smiling face in the audience. That’s why we’ve embarked on an in-depth journey into the ultimate guide on ‘Key Facebook Ad Metrics for Event Managers.’ We believe that […]

Despite Changes, We’re Still in a “Golden Era” of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising

If you’ve worked with Facebook advertising for any amount of time, you’ll come to know that there is one thing that is always certain: change is inevitable. Changes come quickly and without warning. It’s been a couple months since Facebook announced a major change to the algorithm that controls what users see in their feed. […]

3 Ways to Target Your Ideal Audience via Facebook Ads

Target Audience

Welcome to Facebook, a marketer’s paradise for finding your ideal audience! Facebook has created a space for sharing. Users willingly hand over personal details daily. This includes major life events (babies, weddings, moves, job changes), family and relationship status, location, likes, demographics, and more. This means there is a wealth of information about Facebook users, […]

The #1 Facebook Advertising Myth

Facebook Advertising

Running a Facebook advertising campaign is easy. Running a Facebook advertising campaign that is scalable, makes money, and delivers solid ROI… not so easy. The public-facing Facebook Platform/Tool/App is “easy” for almost ANYONE to navigate. It’s clear, it’s straight-forward, and it rarely glitches/goes offline, so most business owners are lured into believing a myth that […]

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