Our Idea Of A Good Day Is When We Take A Rickety Campaign That Bleeds Money And Turn It Into A Scalable Campaign That Makes Money

Objectives change, markets change, and campaigns change.

That’s why we never stop looking for a better way.

At Marigold Marketing®, we collect the right data, analyze it the right way, and constantly refine campaigns in search of higher performance.

We give a damn.

We celebrate our clients’ victories... like these:

Facebook Marketer Audit


Inside The Facebook Advertising Campaign That Returned $9.71 For Each Dollar Invested.

 Because our core values are driven by curiosity, accountability, and determination, doing this is second nature.

And because we actually enjoy people, we’re not hiding behind texts and emails.
Transparency isn’t a goal. It’s a behavior.

We love making sure our clients are fully informed. (And our reporting is lights out.)

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