Your Launch Failed, Now What?

Wouldn’t it be nice if just creating a valuable product was enough to make digital sales? What if your recent launch failed?

That would mean that all of your knowledge and experience could go to use helping those who need it most. It would also mean that the best-selling products were also always the best quality.

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple.

But there is one key factor that will help you skyrocket sales. And once you have this asset, your marketing will become more cost effective, your conversion rates will increase, and you’ll sell your products like hotcakes.

That one factor? The attention of a targeted audience. An inattentive audience is often the cause of why your launch failed.

As Gary Vaynerchuck put it during Synergy Global Forum 2017:

There’s only one currency. It’s not called Bitcoin, it’s not Etherium. There’s only one currency. My friends, that currency, is attention.

Attention is certainly a valuable asset for any digital marketer to hold in his back pocket. But where many people go wrong is thinking they can quickly buy up attention whenever they want it. As if such a valuable thing is so easily bought.

But it’s not bought. It’s earned (at least, the type that will return results over the long run).

Keep reading to find out why the “quick fix” strategy won’t work and what to do instead, in order  to greatly increase your chances of success.

Why Short-Term Strategies Don’t Work

Sure, you can run paid advertisements whenever you’d like. In fact, you could get one up and running within the next hour if you’d like (this Facebook Ad checklist will help you walk through the steps).

But will it work?

Paying for ad placement is not the same as getting results.

The problem with the “quick fix” strategy is that your audience sees you as a complete stranger. You’re not a “friend” on social, you’re not an influencer, and you’re not someone to trust.

At least, not yet.

This is why conversion ads that ask for a sale typically don’t perform well if they aren’t supported by a larger and more comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy.

Instead of focusing only on sales this week, we actually want to use a strategy that will continually build your audience and simultaneously convert prospects to customers at a lower cost.

How do we do that?

Gary Vaynerchuck has it right again when he says…

“Give value. Give value, Give value. And then ask for business.”

Invest In Your Audience

Rather than just popping into the feed with an offer, try investing in your audience instead.

There is no shortcut. The truth is, building up an audience who knows, likes, and trusts you takes time.

Consider this…

Just as you wouldn’t expect to meet someone in the coffee shop and instantly invite them to take a long camping trip with you, neither would you invite a cold prospect (a stranger!) to invest thousands of dollars and 6 weeks of their lives on your digital course.

Your ask needs to match your current relationship (in business, online, and in real life).

And this takes an investment of both time (consistency) and money (ad spend).

As you consistently show up in the newsfeed with valuable content for your audience, you’ll become a trusted authority. They may even see you as a friend.

Then, it’s time to ask for the sale.

How To Focus On Building A Solid Audience

So, let’s get to work.

This post will give you some ideas on what you could promote to build up a relationship with your audience, but we’ll touch on the basic strategy here.

First, show up consistently.

Just as you wouldn’t canvas all of your social media platforms with sale offer after sale offer, neither should you promote sale after sale via advertising.

Second, get creative.

Experiment with video, images, blog posts, podcasts, and testimonials. See where you get positive engagement and shares.

Finally, keep it fresh.

Rotate content regularly so there is always something being promoted. This will ensure that your audience doesn’t only see you one time and then never again. For example, promote a blog for a week, then switch it out for your next blog and be sure to promote the new post to people who have engaged with your previous post. This way, you’re staying top of mind.

Of course, there is always a time and a place to ask for the sale.

Start investing in your audience today, and that time will come in the very near future. You will no longer have to wonder why your launch failed.

In the meantime, why not find out what the “7 biggest mistakes you’re making with your Facebook Ads are”, and how to fix them:

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